How To Use Different Wallpapers For Lock Screen and Home Screen On iPhone

You should allow your iPhone to be part of your personality! One of the cool features of the new iOS 16 is that you can customize the lock screen and home screen with different wallpapers. You can keep your precious family picture on one side or put in an exciting wallpaper pair that complements your iPhone’s lock screen and home screen – you can have it your way and share what matters to you.

It has never been easier to set a different wallpaper for your home screen and lock screen. Consequently, there are two simple methods in order to create a distinctive outlook of the iPhone. Now go discover – express yourself with lifelike colors on the lock screen and home screen.

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A Complete Guide on How to Set Different Wallpaper on Home Screen and Lock Screen in IOS 16, 17 & 18

It is very easy to personalize the iPhone’s home and lock screens! With these two measures, you get a display that is constantly changing and is a head above the rest. As all the changes can be done through the Settings app, altering the appearance of the app could hardly be easier – let us explain how!

On your iPhone, go to settings and scroll down to the Wallpaper option.

Navigate to the lock screen preview and click on the Customize option. Tap Add New Wallpaper.

Choose a lock screen image by going to Photos.

Change the picture on the lock screen. Tap Add.

Tap Customize Home Screen.

Select a different wallpaper for the home screen of the phone. Press “Done” to change the Home Screen wallpaper and the Lock Screen wallpaper respectively.

Tip: This is true during Customize Home Screen where the home screen wallpapers can also be tweaked a little. It is really minimalistic here: you can add some stickers and that is it or you can apply filters and gradients. Ensure to do this before capturing it with a screenshot and using it as your new home screen wallpaper

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